The History of E

The musical evolution of "E" thru various explorations & involvements from an early age to now.


Born in an environment where music was prominent and varied, at a young age E was bobbing along playing a small plastic guitar as the Beatles played on the "stereo" . In high school took silver flute and xylophone as his instruments of choice in music studies and would constantly borrow various instruments (Oboe, Bassoon, Contre-Bassoon, French Horn, Saxophone to name a few) to experiment with while playing on a daily basis on his drums and electric guitar.

Music became the driving force throughout his whole life, from devoting copious amount of time on different instruments or by keeping an ear open to all types of music while listening and embracing the most varied styles and genres.

His path lead him to perform solo, joined or formed a multitude of bands, became involved in an array of projects spanning from audio/video productions, touring, recording, became sound engineer ( live and studio ), and kept writing, playing and recording his own music while exploring ideas and inspirations for "outside the box" projects.

Here's a glimpse of some of these bands/projects, Simply click on a name to find out more about a particular time in E's journey.

In chronological order

- Zeus - Flair -  Savitri - Bourgeon - The Crackpot Heroes - Wild Touch - InVisible 12 - BullDog Meditation - Dark Bison - The Psychotic Aries - The Hard Boiled Eggs - Concept Variable - Iron Fireman - M.A.D. - The Odds - Route 66 - The Gruntles - . Urban Jungle Collective - The Gruntles - Thuja - Nimba - Paradigm Shifters - TriAmigos - The Endorphins - DreamCatcher - Rockit and The Genie - Strange Moon - Aquarius Victoria - Chafafa - The City Slickers -


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